People of Galway’s West End – Malachy Duggan of the Blue Note Galway

Why do you love Galway’s West End?
Mal: ‘It might feel like a private joke when you walk into it first. But it really doesn’t take long to get into the joke’.

The engine of Galway’s West End, mostly known as Pal or Mal came over to Galway in 1994 to develop his skills in English and History. But his secret dream, growing in his head since watching ‘Cheers’ as a child, was to open a pub in Galway. Mal never gives up on his dreams. Shortly after getting a wonderful position of a glass collector in GPO he decided to drop the college. The excitement about the new job led him to The Blue Note. One night he was sent to collect glasses from there. He crossed the bridge and simply fell in love with the Galway’s Westend. The Blue Note welcomed him with a quick lesson of how to pour a pint, the unique atmosphere, staff and music. ‘One day it will be mine’ he thought.
In 1997 he moved to Dublin for some further pub managing education. One evening of 2000 he was literally kidnapped from the capital and dragged to Massimo in Galway, where since the next morning until 2008 he worked as a manager. In 2008 he’s decided to take a short break, but the destiny was calling. He was seduced to The Blue Note where he is until now and will be for a good while.Malachy holds a very rare talent of uniting people. The Blue Note’s atmosphere is unique because it truly feels like home. Home with great black gates behind which you find the kindest of people, warm fireplace, weird affection for goats, mysterious abbreviations like YOPM (Your Old Pal Mal), various music and the best of dance floors, garden and proper Craic & Divilment and that one and only feeling of happiness.