People of Galway’s West End – Fabienne Hardy of Rouge Restaurant

Her affection for Ireland, Galway especially, started in 1998 when she first visited The City of Tribes. Passion for music (she is a violinist!) and urge to discover Irish notes, led her to move into Galway in 2005. She was suppose to come back after a year and share her inspirations in the native France. But unexpectedly Fabienne opened ‘Java Cafe’ which she successfully run for 9 years.

4 years ago, during the toughest times, she decided to go further and try to revitalise the Dominick Street with her new idea – Rouge Restaurant. Now, she is one of the most inspirational restaurateurs in Galway.

Rouge is open 7 nights a week, where every evening Fabienne makes sure her customers experience the best of live music, French wine and excellent food. Her spirit is truly refreshing. #galwayswestend #rouge #food #wine