People of Galway’s West End – Mara Gedrovica of The Secret Garden Galway

After finishing a degree in psychology Mara came over to Galway with 50 euros in her pocket to visit a friend. It was 2007 when she left Latvia. She quickly fell in love with Ireland and decided to study more, and develop her English skills. In 2008 her heart was stolen again, this time by her future husband who was encouraging and supporting her to make her dreams become reality. They flew to San Francisco where Mara has come to the conclusion that she wants to be her own boss. This is how The Secret Garden started growing. When she got back to Galway, Mara spent many evenings walking around town, searching for the perfect place. And she did find it, in the heart of Galway’s Westend. Now, after 3 years since the opening she says ‘It’s exactly how I imagined it. The people, location, the spirit and vibe’.

Make sure you visit this unique place where lovely staff serves variety of teas and coffees, where artists exhibit their work or invite to workshops, where Galwegians relax with herbal shishas, playing guitars and where dogs are always welcome