Cross the bridge into the west and sp€nd Christmas locally. Give the gift of experience because there is more happening that you think here.

The best of food, the place to drink, have a get together, enjoy live music or just have a coffee or specialty tea. Books, posters, vinyl, comics, shop vintage, thrift markets, art exhibitions or take in an art class, sample a beautiful cocktail, rent or buy a suit, buy a wedding dress, cakes, buns, croissants, breakfast (rolls) brunch, lunch or dinner. Hair cuts people and dogs, rent a bike,go to mass, get your keys cut, clothes washed, buy 20 fags, Christmas flowers, teeth cleaning, bitta Yoga, a lunge, squat or two, Traditional music, rock or a DJ set, a pint of Guinness and a packet of Peanuts.Snack boxes, pizzas, fish and chips, hampers, penny sweets, Michelin Bibs and Stars.

Galway’s Westend, the gift that keeps giving.

Gift vouchers available for all these gems Now.

John Keoghs Gastro Pub
O’Beirns Pharmacy
Just Art It
Small Crane Clinic
Taylors Bar & Beer Garden