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Cross that bridge.

Located in one of the oldest parts of Galway with a history dating back centuries, Galway’s West End or “The West”, as it is known locally, is essentially that part of Galway that you arrive at when you cross one of Galway’s famous bridges that lead away from the city centre towards the sea.

Galway’s West End is home to some of the city’s best pubs including Galway’s premier live music
venues, trendy bars with contemporary djs and the best traditional music venues in Galway. This side of the city also offers the best dining Galway has to offer with an eclectic range of award winning restaurants. There are also many thriving small businesses from the very old to the very new, including specialty shops and diverse services.

Galway’s West End is saturated in culture with a strong and interesting history, Irish speaking
organizations and a fantastic arts scene including an Arts centre, galleries, theatre and much more.

It’s that part of town that as a tourist you’re delighted to discover. It’s off the beaten track and may take a bit of finding but when you get there you know you’ve discovered the soul of the city, where the locals are maybe a little bohemian and maybe a little eccentric, but always friendly.

So next time you’re out and about in the city, why not head down the West and say hello, we’ll always say hi back.


Featured Event

Paddy Casey, Eoin Glackin, Oddity & Stephen James

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Galway City Arts Events Guide


Location: Monroes Live

Price: €10

Act for Meningitis
A wide range of artists coming together for a great cause.

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Galway City Arts Events Guide